We are Jennifer Degenhardt and Theresa Marrama and we have taught languages for over 40 years combined (not each!).  Having taught French and Spanish from the elementary through college level, we believe that students - no matter their age or language level - must be engaged with the second language in accessible, but purposeful ways. Enter onto the scene: short novels written consciously with the language learner in mind.  Between the two of us we have over 50 books in four different languages - and that number is growing!  Our books run the gamut from mystery to real life adventure, biography to fantasy; within those that feature cultural, social, economic and political themes, inclusion of underrepresented populations, identity and more.

To purchase physical copies of and teacher materials for the books, please visit www.puenteslanguage.com and www.compellinglanguagecorner.com.



Digilangua books is your one-stop shop.  Our book packages, by language, are robust in content, levels and length.  Books are suitable for all of your classroom needs, from individual books for FVR/FCR to class novels to enrichment.  In addition to the fabulous and diverse books that we offer, the audio will help the students better understand what’s going and allow them to become engrossed in the story.  Let us help you help your students become more passionate about reading.  The more they read = the more language they’ll acquire = the more conversation they will be able to have.


All readers are written with the language student in mind. Language is simple, purposeful and accessible, with high use of cognates to aid in reading.


Regardless of language accessibility, all readers have glossaries that include all words used in the text, with words/phrases above book reading-level which are footnoted.


Several of the books are offered in multiple languages which may help readers of different reading levels and of different languages.

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