A streaming subscription-based service for digital readers in Spanish, French, German and English. Your Digilangua account gives you and your students access to a library featuring three different levels of varying titles designed for middle school and high school Spanish classes—all included in your subscription cost!

Yes! Click here to start your free week of Digilangua. If it meets your needs, you can upgrade your free trial to a 1-year membership from your account dashboard.

Digilangua offers yearly subscriptions at reasonable prices. The Spanish package is $250; French $200; German $150 and English $100. Books can also be purchased individually.

The yearly subscriptions include access to several readers in each language package purchased at three different levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, with new readers being added all the time! Teachers who sign up will be able to enroll up to 250 students (without student emails). Most - soon to be ALL! - readers include amazing audio to accompany the digital books.

Unfortunately, in order to access a class set of readers/books, you must purchase an FVR package.

You can go to Digilangua.com and purchase using a credit card. If you would like to pay using a school purchase order, please contact us directly at digilangua@gmail.com and we will walk you through the process.


Please avail yourself of the free trial to see what Digilangua is all about prior to purchase as we cannot provide refunds once a subscription has been purchased.

You can add up to 250 students, all of whom have access to all levels of the books in the package.

Once you log in as the teacher, you will be brought directly to the Teacher Dashboard. From there you can either add students one at a time manually and provide them with their login code OR you can use the student sign-up link to have students generate their own login and password and then provide them the login code. You can either email students as a group or post the link to your learning management system for them to access from there

Simply: yes.

Yes! We are always writing and adding new readers!

We love to hear from teachers! Just email us at digilangua@gmail.com.

We are always here for you! Click here to find the different ways to get in touch with us.

Yes. On the Teacher Dashboard, find the Manage Students tab. There you can create groups however you’d like. Simply tell your students which group to choose when they register.

Unfortunately, no. Teachers must have their own individual subscriptions linked to one email registration in order for student progress to be monitored.

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